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Latest Invisible Contact Lanses

Latest Invisible Contact Lenses

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Spy Soft Contact Lenses

Latest Spy Soft Contact Lenses

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Secret Contact Lenses For Marked Cards

Contact Lenses For Marked Cards

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For poker, we provide a vast collection of spy contact lenses in India that are soft and are used tremendously. With the help of these contact lenses, the user will be able to see the number and the suit. This is possible only when invisible inks are used in the cards. There is definite specification mark in the form of the code on the backside of the card. These cards are of advanced technology. They are popular all over the world. They are unique and can be marked with any colors of a card. They are far better than the cards that are sold by other poker cheat contact lens dealer in India. Buy spy invisible playing cards contact lenses devices in Delhi India from us and it can bring a big fortune to you in casinos. We see how peoples gain a lot of cash and we have also seen a person loses all amount of money and it is up to his luck, but now we can keep your luck in control with these spy contact lenses. You will surely win if you play with them. To win all playing card game you have to step in at spy contact lenses shop in India. These marked cards are now available in various shops in India. They have invisible ink on the back side, recognized only via particular contact lenses and lights.

Contact Lenses for Playing Cards

In poker, soft spy contact lenses or prospective glasses are used. The player uses these lenses and with their help, the player can see the number and the suit before playing, which others cannot see. In the cards, invisible inks are used. There is a particular symbolic mark on the backside of cards that can be seen only by using these eye spy contact lenses. The prices of these lenses and cards can vary according to different countries and companies. These cards are of real luminous technology.


It works on the White Light principle.
Good present for your friends.
Invisible marks on the cards visible only with spy contact lens
Supports all poker games
Poke can be used as magic tool and normal playing cards
Marks cannot be seen by the naked eyes and high-quality marked cards can be seen in various lights

Contact lenses for andar bahar cards game

We all know how to play cards but few know how to win every time one plays. You may win any game, be it Poker, Black Jack, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar cards game etc. if you play with these cards. These cards have some marks which can be seen only with these special lenses that are provided with them. You may use them in special lights or you may wear these special glasses or lens to play. You can also use special gadgets disguised in watches, cell phones etc to identify them. With little practice, you can be the next great gambler. These cards can be kept in the pocket so that they stay with you always. They are sold in the name of cheating contact lenses in India. We use the original luminescent ink in these cards which make them your lifelong companions. You can use these cards and poker cheating contact lenses in Indian casinos. You can also become an entertainer in family get-together and parties by showing magic tricks. The market price of these cheating contact lenses in India has been kept quite reasonable. So, get up and buy them now, who knows you could be the next millionaire.

Xray Contact Lenses for Marked Cards Games

These contact lenses for playing cards are worn in the eyes. These lenses help the player in seeing the marks which are printed on the back of the spy playing cheating cards. The suits, codes, marks, numbers are printed with invisible ink which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. You can see the marks from the range of the 30-40cm before the cards are served to you since you will be wearing the lenses, so apart from you, no one else can spot the marks. The marks help the player in deciding his next move, which will ultimately help you to win the whole game. The soft spy contact lens in India is available online and offline at spy gadgets stores. The combo of contact lens and the marked card is impeccable. These marked cards are designed with the latest luminous technology. If compared with the other regular juice shadow marks, it is much better. The marked cards contact lenses in India are available with the reputed dealers and the manufacturers at the best price. We deal in all kinds of spying and cheating playing cards devices like Soft Spy Contact Lens, Marked Cards, Hidden Lens in Phone, Cheating Playing Cards and New K3 Analyzer.

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Active India Digital Products (K.K Delhi) is a distinguished enterprise incepted in the year 2008 as a principal Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of an inclusive plethora of Playing Cards Device's which include Games Solve Solutions. Products which we offer to our esteemed patrons include Spy Contacts Lenses, Playing Cards Devices, Marked Playing Crads, Soft Lenses, Spy Playing Cards Scanner etc.

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